What can you do with MoonFreeze Events ?

MoonFreeze Events

Welcome to moonfreeze events.

We exist to provide you, our customer with the right resources to create a successful event. Our extensive range of events and activities are designed to "bring people together" which we believe is paramount to any successful organisation in an increasingly competitive market.

Whether you have an awards night, sales conference, promotional event or you want to simply incentivise your staff for their achievements, we can design something totally unique that will meet both your budget and brief, and will guarantee to leave lasting memories for all the right reasons. We communicate and work closely with you to get your event 100% right, managing your expectations throughout the process and during the event.

Our Vision

Our aim is to provide you, our customer, with the best resources needed to create astounding and memorable events. Along with our passion and dedication we provide event management, logistics, audio and visual services, event production and communication solutions for all your events needs.

We work on three steps to work out.

Apply. Let us get the party started. We tell you about upcoming parties from the products and brands you love and you decide which ones make your heart beat a little faster.

Invite. Spread the love. We give you all the tools you will need. All you do is invite your friends. In return you get exclusive access to try and share some cool products with them, courtesy of a rocking Party Pack.

Join. When you host a party, it is more than you and your friends who are having a blast. Thousands of other hosts and guests from across the same city are also having an awesome time, on the same day.

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